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Natan Interviews by Max Wald 1997 for the Spielberg Foundation

Interview 1.png
Interview 2.png
Interview 3.png
Image 4 Nathan Interview.jpg

Natan Blicblau Tape 2 of 4

Interview with Nathan Blicblau Zdunska Wola Poland, 1939-1942

Nathan Blicblau Tape 3 of 4

Life in Lodz Ghetto and concentration camps

Natan Blicblau tape 4 of 4 

interview with Natan and wife Laja

Notes by Max Wald prior to interview

Welcome to the website for
Natan (Nathan) and Laja (Lonja) Blicblau (nee Rajchbart)
 from Zdunska Wola, Poland, to WWII, then Israel and finally settling  in  Melbourne,  Australia   

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