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Laja's Rajchbart's life
 family History and Geneology


1944 August



Laja Headshot 1997.png

1985 December

Laja's parents were Aaron Icek Rajchbart and Ajdl Grynszpan
the family members are listed ( together with their birth details) in the linear family tree below the symbolic tree. 
rajchbart, laja, zdunska wola
Laja Blicblau (Rajchbart) symbolic family tree
Rajchbart family tree (father)
rajchbart, laja, zdunska wola

Grynszpan family tree (mother)

rajchbart, laja, zdunska wola

Welcome to the website for
Natan (Nathan) and Laja (Lonja) Blicblau (nee Rajchbart)
 from Zdunska Wola, Poland, to WWII, then Israel and finally settling  in  Melbourne,  Australia   

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