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On the first day of September, 1939, the German armies invaded Poland and marched into Zdunska Wola .

Laja  and her family were at first confined to their house in Sziersdka St. and transported to various ghettos and concentration camps and work camps . Very little documentation is availaible. 

URO Documentaion
laja URO.jpg

Lodz Ghetto documentation 
list including  Laja ( known as Gidlaja and her sister Chaja.  The whereabouts of her other siblings and parents are  unknown, but believed to have been taken to Chelnmno extermination camp. However Szmul Rajchbart survived the war but was murdered by Polish terrorists in February 1946 ( there is a separate page about him and here is the LINK). 
Also listed is her cousin Bluma Rajchbart ( Rajchbard) later married to Abram Neumiller, who then lived in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles (see link)

Lodz Ghetto
Screenshot 2021-04-06 162835.png
Lodz Ghetto "WORK" card
laja stutthof03052021.jpg
stutthof detailed  tregistration
stutthof tregistration card.jpg
Stuffhof KL

Welcome to the website for
Natan (Nathan) and Laja (Lonja) Blicblau (nee Rajchbart)
 from Zdunska Wola, Poland, to WWII, then Israel and finally settling  in  Melbourne,  Australia   

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