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Murdered by Polish Terrorists in February 1946 on the way to Lodz

Massacre Reports

2011 Narration at Graveside by BNAI AKIVA SHALIACH click on the arrow on the left to listen to the narration - wait for 20 seconds 

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ITS Tracing

International Tracing Service, Arolsen Germany,  Documents tracing the movements of Szmul Rajchbart a

Laja BLICBLAU  recounts her version to Aaron Blicblau  

Laja's Version

AT the end of WWII, Laja was told that all her family had perished.  In January 1946 she was told by the Red Cross that her brother, Szmul,  had not only survived  but was going to be marred in Lodz in February. 

My mother arrived in Lodz, excited at the prospect of seeing her only surviving relative, but was confronted by  a large funeral procession.  She was told that four young Jewish people travelling on a bus to Lodz had been stopped by Polish terrorists. Those who were Jewish on the bus were taken off and shot and killed.  These were the coffins being carried in the streets of Lodz.  One of those young people killed was her brother Szmul. 

The photos below are of the street procession for the funeral.


The four young people are buried in the Lodz cemetery, as you walk into the cemetery, they are on the left alley in a prominent postilion.   

The four young Jews were all members of Bnai AKiva, and  after the wedding were all making aliyah. The girl murdered, was Szmul's bride.  Every year, Bnai Akiva makes a pilgrimage to the Lodz Ceemetery and relate the story of the murdered chanichim. 

Funeral March in Lodz

Funeral March

Funeral March in Lodz, February 1946,  of the four murdered young people including Szmul Rajchbart 

Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
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Bnei Akiva recount massacre at graveside in Lodz cemetery 

Bnaei Akiva remembers

Every year BNAI AKIVA bring their Hanichim to the graveside in LODZ  cemetery and relate the story of the murder of the four halutzim
( an audio recording made in 2011 on one such visit is heard in the attached). 

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Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard
Narration at Graveside
Szmul rajchbart, reichbart, richbard

At the Graveside in Lodz cemetery, 2011

Szmul Reichbart JeYad Vashem.png

Welcome to the website for
Natan (Nathan) and Laja (Lonja) Blicblau (nee Rajchbart)
 from Zdunska Wola, Poland, to WWII, then Israel and finally settling  in  Melbourne,  Australia   

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